Borututu: The Miracle Root

Posted on08/25/2019
Borututu: The Miracle Root

Borututu: The Story

Hidden deep in Africa, tree Borututu (Cochlospermum angolensis) for many decades, was known for its strong cleansing and detoxifying properties. Initially, the infusion of the roots Borututu natives used the Dark Continent. Later, his beneficial impact in the fight eg. From malaria also appreciated the colonizers. In the twentieth century a tireless promoter and enthusiast Borututu was Portuguese – Julio de Sousa Lopes. He spent almost all his life in Africa, observing nature, learning life local tribes. His friendly behavior, with the entrained thanks to their ability bioenergoterapeutycznym earned their trust and favor. He was intrigued by the brew from the root of the tree Borututu drunk, among others, before the ritual ceremonies in order to avoid the toxic effects of hallucinogenic drugs. Also observed the use of infusion with many other ailments. He devoted all his passion for exploring the advantages Borututu tree and its root wonderful offered to people by the African nature. He concluded that today’s medicine in a perfect way may be aided by the use of infusion of the root Borututu. So the acquisition took root Borututu, using only najbujniejszych areas where this species, which deliver superior quality raw material rich in active ingredients. It is worth emphasizing that producing only the relevant part of the roots of the selected plants, thereby allowing plants to further their development. A great importance is also the drying of roots in natural conditions, and also to store them. Up for sale is directed drought when subjected to the appropriate tests, so that its use was safe and produced as much benefit.

Why Use Borututu?

Why should You be interested…?

Well… Borututu, according to reports from the University of Lublin, as per research on preparations from this material, is a herbal supplement that primarily regenerates the liver parenchyma. Not only increases the secretion of liver enzymes, but also regulates the function of the liver at the cellular level. This is what distinguishes it from other herb cholinergic and enzyme preparations. By liver detoxification we achieve better kidney function and the whole body immunization. A detoxified body has generally a increased immunity. Conducted studies on the bark Borututu announce more promising properties of this supplement.

 How this is introduced into the body ?

Borututu is generally taken in the form of a tea. Flooded with a tablespoon of bark in a thermos cup of boiling water. Not like other herbs, which use a slightly warmed flood water. Borututu is to be mixed with boiling water and left for 12 hours. Then the extract is drunk. At that time you can set the next portion to use after another 12 hours. The results tend to be extremely good and visible liver improvements are present within a short time.  It is recommended that simple liver tests should be performed by everyone at least once a year to determine the liver condition, regardless of age.

Borututu Q+A

How this is introduced into the body ?

Borututu is drunk in the form of decoction. Use a tablespoon of bark for a thermos cup of boiling water, not like other herbs, which should be treated with just slightly warm flood water. It is mixed up with boiling water and left for 12 hours. After that time the extract is drunk, and then you should set the next portion to drink after initial 12 hours. The results tend to be very good and you should see results within a short time. Before using Borututu you should take a liver test that indicates the state of the liver, a simple test that every man should perform at least once a year.

After two glasses a day?

Yes. As the vegetable product has a very fast reaction to the body…

What is the difference between healthy from unhealthy liver ?

They vary in their ability secretion of enzymes that work in the cell. A healthy liver is able to produce them more, or less, than sick. If you do not keep up with the production of enzymes, which means that toxic products in it longer in arrears, poisoning her. This is reflected in the work of the whole organism, which becomes ill .

What most destroying our liver ?

Deadly liver are all substances that pollute it because it must then work hard to detoxify our body. The worst are stimulants : alcohol , coffee and drugs. With drugs so that they indeed act positively to a certain extent, but in other respects may be toxic. They are partly poisons that we expel from our body. All those engaged in the liver, how great laboratory. To detoxify our body needs to excrete a lot of very different enzymes that alter such poisonous substances that are soluble in water and excreted. Elimination runs through the blood and from there to the kidneys, and further in the urine.

Hops. Let us learn it from scratch

What is it about hops? Modern research methods allow scientists to test the old materials into new angles, and finding them new properties beneficial for us. One such material is good old hops. It has always been used as an intoxicant and sedative. Now we know what it hops for us is so beneficial, it can obtain and incorporate extract medicines alternative medicine. Extract of hops in combination with collagen gives excellent results in the relief of rheumatic and arthritic pain. We have a product from OsteoVantiv company Metagenics, which is sensational in its category. Joint pain are very difficult to relieve and artretic / rheumatic disease is difficult to slow down, but this preparation is working on them very effectively.

 Allergies which brings relief

People who have damaged immune system react to certain allergens in the way overdone.  Allergens can be anything , but about spring-summer season is particularly pollen of flowering plants, everything that floats in the air and periodically, and insect bites. In our shop you can find homeopathic anti-allergy products Vogel, separate for children and adults.  Also we have external natural pain-relieving gel bites. Sets of vitamins and trace elements, improve immunity of our body, making it more resistant to allergic reactions.

Remedies for many ailments

For travelers we have a homeopathic pills for motion sickness. No irritation of the stomach, no adverse events the following day. They are safe for children and efficiently operate. The entire section for children, and the next section for pregnant women. Another first for sports training; starch; for vegetarians – vegetable protein from a very good source; sugar with coconut easily decomposed into glucose and sucrose; Substitute meals (meal replacement); the division of vitamins; Colloidal Silver; Section pro-bio tics, which saprophytic bacterial strains; Section treatment of liver, kidney, lung – the detoxification of the body; Section herbal teas; Men’s section of vitality; section for those who do not eat fat; juices – such extracts. with beetroot, which improves the condition of the blood, and with wild blueberries, improves eyesight. Then the weight loss department; Section additives to food, such as quinoa, which is a great thickener for soups, replacing flour. Everyone will find something for himself, and for his family, in every condition and every age.

Borututu: How To Use

An infusion of the root Borututu

  •          improves digestive function of the liver
  •          It creates favorable conditions for the proper functioning of the gallbladder
  •          improving the digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract
  •          preferably modulates the filter kidney and urinary
  •          due to the antioxidant content improves mood accelerate detoxification processes of the body.

Ingredients: borututu tree root, rich in active ingredients quinones, catechins, phenols and bioflavonoids, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin PP, selenium.

Preparation of infusion: 2.5 g (1 tablespoon) Borututu dried roots pour a glass of boiling water (preferably in a thermos), brew for approx. 45 min.

Use: Drink 1 cup 2 times a day (before breakfast and before going to bed) to obtain positive effects.

In the case of cleansing treatment: 1 cup 2 times a day (before breakfast and before going to bed) for 2 months, twice a year- in autumn and spring.Storage: Store in a dry place, out of reach of small children, at room temperature.

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